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Edexcel Gateway

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Whether you’re looking to start learning, or to continue your education, Edexcel Gateway is a great place to start. With courses to suit both A level and GCSE students, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Plus, with access to the ‘Create Your Own’ service, you can tailor your course to suit your individual needs.

What is Edexcel Gateway?

EDexcel gateway is a website that provides free online courses and qualifications. There are many different qualifications available, which can include a wide range of subject areas. Adapted versions of these courses are also offered. The qualifications are designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills in a specific field of interest.

Qualifications offered

Whether you are already teaching in the UK, or you are planning to begin a new career in education, the qualifications offered by Edexcel Gateway can be of great benefit to you. This course is designed to provide a recognised qualification for anyone who wants to become a teacher. The course will also be of great interest to teachers in Sri Lanka, as it was developed to improve the standards of teaching in the country.

The course is available through a wide range of providers, including a number of online courses. Many of these are offered by providers that specialize in distance learning, so you can study a course entirely online. Other courses are available through in-company classes. All of these offer the opportunity to receive tutor support and can help you achieve your qualification.

Free online courses

Whether you’re looking for an online course to improve your CV, a personal development course, or an Edexcel qualification, you’ll find an option that’s right for you on Reed Courses. This learning portal advertises a range of courses, including a free iGCSE Chemistry course. You can also enrol on distance or in-company Edexcel courses and earn CPD points while you learn.

You can choose to study an iGCSE Chemistry course or a double award chemistry course, both of which cover the main topics of chemistry, as well as predicting reactions, elements, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry. If you’re interested in a broader course, you can opt to learn about chemistry in industry, earth science, or global challenges in chemistry. Regardless of the course, you’ll be provided with the knowledge you need to succeed. And, you’ll even have access to a course instructor to help you along the way.


Currently, there are two Edexcel IGCSE English Language options. The first is an anthology of written material for students. The second is a set of questions that students have to answer in an examination. Each option has a different assessment style.

The IGCSE English Language anthology is used to prepare for the written paper. There is also a speaking and listening component. This is marked and moderated by an external moderator. If the student passes, they will carry on to the next series. The grades awarded for the written paper will be 100%. There are also additional topics, summaries and questions at the start of each section. The exam content has been designed to help students focus on revision.

For the spoken and listening component, some centres are entering private candidates. These include some distance learning providers who carry out the speaking bit on video. They then transfer the candidate to another centre to complete the written papers.

The speaking and listening component is not available to students living in Northern Ireland. Some centres will accept private candidates without this component. The examiners will provide advice on how to avoid common pitfalls. The grade boundaries will be set more generously. This will ensure a safety net for students.

A levels

Founded in 2008, Gateway is a Pearson Associate Centre and has been a partner with the world’s leading educational institution for over five years. The Pearson Edexcel International Centre at the school conducts assessments for A levels, GCSE and IGCSE. Students have achieved stellar results.

The A level course is two years long and includes topics like strategic analysis of business and decision making processes in marketing and human resources. There are also external trips to ASDA (George) distribution centre and the Jaguar Car Plant. The best part is that students can set their own goals and achieve them. The school also has an excellent mentor program that provides extra support and guidance.

The Founder’s Award is a non-competitive programme that recognises the accomplishments of its A level students. The award covers four areas that are compatible with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This aspires to be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The students are required to complete the award before being registered with a school mentor. It’s a worthy endeavor and an excellent example of the synergy that exists between the schools and the world’s largest awarding body.

Adapted versions of edexcel courses

Adapted versions of Edexcel courses are being delivered via a growing number of learning providers. These edxcel courses will help you tick the boxes in terms of both qualifications and CPD points. Some of these courses even have tutors to provide assistance on the road to success. These are all backed up by the support of an organisation that is committed to providing the best possible experience for learners.

The best part about these adapted versions of Edexcel courses is that they are a fraction of the cost of their traditional counterparts. These courses are a great way to improve your skills and hone your resume at the same time. These are delivered by a variety of learning providers, including Reed Courses. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the courses they offer.

Regulation of edexcel courses

Whether you are a school pupil, an adult returning to education or a student in a higher educational setting, you may be interested in pursuing an Edexcel qualification. These world-class qualifications are recognised throughout the world and offer access to global opportunities. These qualifications have been developed by Pearson, a leading global education and examination company. They combine a progressive approach with international content to create a course that is designed to prepare students for today’s top universities.

Edexcel Gateway qualifications are delivered by a variety of learning providers, and students can study these courses anywhere. Most courses offer tutor support to help students achieve their goals. Some of the courses available include Functional Skills, IGCSEs, A-levels and NVQs. These courses allow students to continue their studies for as long as they wish, with some courses lasting as long as 24 months.

When a student completes a course, they are awarded raw marks for coursework and exam papers. These are then added together to produce an overall mark. This mark is converted into Uniform Mark Scale (UMS) marks, which take into account the differences in difficulty between exam papers. All courses are regulated by a governing body, and each regulating body has its own list of regulated qualifications.

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